Premium Soft Touch Snuggle Cave Bed for Cats (Grey Chenille)

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The patent protected Snuggle Cave Bed from Sleepy Fox® provides your cat with their ultimate natural sleeping environment.

The independent nature of cats leads them to crave the privacy and security of a sleeping cave. The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed creates the ideal sleeping environment by giving your cat: SECURITYSUPPORT, SAFETY and a SHAPEABLE cushion.

SECURITY - The Snuggle Cave cover provides your cat their ultimate sense of security and privacy. The cave cover stands open in the front, providing easy entry, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back snuggling your cat.

SUPPORT – The side bolsters give your cat lofty support and a cozy place to lean. Superior to other cat caves, the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave has a soft yet stable structure that is specifically designed to stay upright, with no possibility of the bed rolling or flipping over. 

SAFETY - The unique back air opening ensures fresh air at all times - keeping your pet safe.  The opening also helps to regulate the temperature inside the cave by providing air circulation.

SHAPE - The extra comfy separate center mattress allows your cat to paw and shape their pillow to Purr-fection.


Sleeping Benefits for your cat:

  • The cave cover offers your cat the security and privacy they crave
  • The cave front is supported by a hidden (removable) flexible tube and stays open for your cat at all times
  • The rear of the cave top lies down on the back of the bed to snuggle your cat
  • Center mattress and cave top are lined with super-soft Sherpa fleece ideal for snuggling
  • The separate inner mattress allows your cat to paw and shape their sleeping cushion to purr-fection
  • The side bolsters support your cat’s instinct to lean and provides them with maximum security comfort. Unlike other cave beds, the Sleepy Fox® is designed to not be able to roll or flip over, keeping your cat safe
  • The innovative back air opening keeps your cat safe by providing fresh air and helps to regulate the temperature inside of the cave
  • Hypoallergenic pillow fills are dust and allergen resistant

Design Benefits:

  • Clean and modern design looks beautiful in your home
  • Bolster bed and cave cover are one piece. Cave cover is not removable from bed
  • Attractive vegan leather carrying handles make moving the bed easy
  • Four separate bolster channels and bolster pillows offer superior support while ensuring the bed keeps its shape and does not roll or flip
  • Double-sided mattress cushion lets you choose between soft, fluffy fleece or matching bed fabric while allowing your cat to shape the mattress to their preferred perfection
  • Cave top is permanently attached to bed cover; cave and bed are one piece
  • Bed covers are removable via interior zipper and machine washable
  • Zipper is placed on the inside of the bed cover to protect your floor from potential scratches
  • Ethically produced in Europe


    65l x 55w x 40h cm (21.5 x 26 x 16")
    Center mattress measures 55 x 45cm (22 x 18")
    Cave opening is 40cm (16”) high from floor
    Best for cats up to 10kg (22 lb)
    • Bed cover:  premium upholstery fabric - 100% polyester, wrinkle-resistant
    • Cushion and cave top lining: soft Sherpa fleece - 100% polyester
    • Vegan-friendly leather trim: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified - 100% PU with woven polyester backing
    • Inner cushion fill (Premium Soft Touch Collection): shredded foam
    • Inner cushion covers: thick non-woven polypropylene - tear resistant, water repellent, breathable and biodegradable 
    Always follow the washing instructions on the label of your bed. If you have any questions pop us an email at
    • Bed cover:
      • Fabric is semi-stain resistant; simply wipe spots clean before they have a chance to set into fabric
      • We recommend regular pet hair removal with a lint roller to keep your Sleepy Fox® looking good
      • Remove cave support from channel on right hand side
      • Remove bed covers and machine wash at 30 ˚C (cold) on the gentle cycle
      • Wash with mild detergent
      • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents
      • Hang to dry
      • Do not machine dry
      • Do not iron
      • Do not dry clean
    • Inner cushions: (Always follow instructions on the washing labels)
      • Inner cushion covers are made from thick, non-woven fabric which repels liquids - spills on the inner pillows are easily wiped away
      • Spot clean only
      • Do not iron
      • Do not dry clean

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    Happy Customer
    We love it!

    I LOVE my dog's Snuggle Bed and everyone who sees it loves it too. Most importantly, our dog loves it.

    Give your cat the comfort and security they crave

    Sleepy Fox® soothes and comforts your cat by fulfilling all their natural sleeping instincts. 

    Technical drawing outlining the design benefits of the Snuggle Cave Bed for your dog, with three images of the cave bed, the first showing the design phase, and the third showing the realised bed


    The Snuggle Cave Cover provides your cat with their ultimate sense of security and comfort.  The cave cover stays open in the front, providing easy entry, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back to snuggle your pet. 


    The unique air opening ensures fresh air and keep your cat safe.


    The individual side bolsters give your cat extra comfy support, while the bed is specifically designed to stay upright when your cat leans, giving structured support and ensuring the bed does not roll or flip over.


    The separate center mattress allows your cat to fluff and shape their sleeping space to purr-fection.