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Best dog bed for a Dansk Svensk Gardhund is a medium sized  Snuggle Cave Canopy Dog Bed by Sleepy Fox®

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Sleepy Rottweiler in her Sleepy Fox® Domed Cave Dog Bed.
Iggy Dante  the Italian Greyhound thinks that Sleepy Fox® makes the best cave beds for dogs.
Best dog bed for Dansk Svensk Gardhunde is the Sleepy Fox® covered canopy dog bed.
Adorable Julia The Parsons Russell Terrier in her Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed size Medium with Sleepy Fox® Toy Bone and Dog blanket
Handsome Rottweiler in his Sleepy Fox® Cave Dog Bed
The best bed for French bulldogs is a Sleepy Fox® cave dog bed. Easy wash dog blanket available to match.
Stafordshire Terriers or Staffies love cave beds. Sleepy Fox® makes a domed canopy bed in a large size big enough for large and XL dogs.
Best dog bed for Maltipoo dogs. The Sleepy Fox® snoozer cave bed.
Labradors love cave beds. The large Sleepy Fox® Canopy Cave bed is just right for this gorgeous black lab.
Sleepy Fox®  has an air opening in the back of the cave bed to keep your dog safe.
Adorable Multi-poo in a Sleepy Fox®  Snuggle Cave Bed, sleeping on her back.

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Best dog bed for a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Snuggle Cave Bed by Sleepy Fox fulfills their natural dog sleeping instincts.  Dogs love it.
Best dog bed for a Podenco. The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed - patent protected. Made in Europe. Best quality.
Happy Whippet dog upside down sleeping in a Sleepy Fox® Cave Bed Domed dog bed
Corgi dog in a snuggle cave bed by Sleepy Fox®
Whippet sleeping in a covered cave bed with a domed canopy top . Dog is sleeping upside down with legs in the air, looking very happy. Cave Bed made by Sleepy Fox® and is patent protected.
Podenco mix dog in Sleepy Fox® patented and superior Snuggle Cave Pet Bed
Terrier. Girl. Best Cave Pet Bed_Sleepy Fox
Small Podenco Mix - Best dog bed for Podenco dogs big and small.  They love the security of the Snuggle Cave Dog Bed by Sleepy Fox®

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Rhodesian Ridgebacks love Sleepy Fox®

Staffies love Sleepy Fox®

Podencos love Sleepy Fox®

Cats love Sleepy Fox®

Senior dogs and puppies love Sleepy Fox®

Big dogs, small dogs, pure breeds and mixes, everyone loves Sleepy Fox®

Stylishes Sleepy Fox® Kuschelhöhle für Hunde und Katzen. Das Hundebett / Katzenbett gibt Ihrem Haustier Sicherheit, Wärme und Stabilität.
Das perfekte Bettchen für Katzen und Hunde. Die Sleepy Fox® Kuschelhöhle beruhigt Haustiere und hält sie die ganze Nacht warm. Empfehlenswert für nervöse Haustiere mit Ängsten.
Das schöne Höhlenbett von Sleepy Fox® ist den natürlichen schlaf Instinkten von Hunden und Katzen angepasst. In dem Hundebett / Katzenbett fühlt sich Ihr Haustier sicher behütet.
Persian cats love cat cave beds. The best cat cave available is the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cat cave bed.
Best dog bed for Westie is a cave dog bed by Sleepy Fox®
best cat bed to keep Sphynx cats warm is a Snuggle Cave cat bed by Sleepy Fox®


Sleepy Fox®  has an air opening in the back of the cave bed to keep your dog safe.