What are my Pet's natural sleeping needs?

What are my pet's natural sleeping instincts and how does Sleepy Fox® fulfill them?

Cats are naturally independent and crave the privacy and security of a sleeping cave.

Cats have four natural instincts when they sleep:  SECURITY, SUPPORT, SAFETY and they crave a SHAPEABLE cushion for comfort.

Sleepy Fox® is the only cave bed that fulfills all your cat's needs, providing them the ideal sleeping environment:

SECURITY - The Snuggle Cave cover provides your cat their ultimate sense of security and privacy. The cave cover stands open in the front, providing easy entry and exit, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back snuggling your cat.

SUPPORT – The side bolsters give your cat lofty support and a cozy place to lean. Superior to other cat caves, the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave has a soft yet stable structure that is specifically designed to stay upright, with no possibility of the bed rolling or flipping over. 

SAFETY - The unique back air opening ensures fresh air at all times - keeping your cat safe.  The opening also helps to regulate the temperature inside the cave by providing air circulation.

SHAPE - The extra comfy separate center mattress allows your cat to paw and shape their pillow to Purr-fection. 

Pre-domesticated dogs were maternal den animals. Meaning that the mother dogs would birth and wean their pups, for up to 3 months, in a protected and covered space. Although dogs did not live in dens year-round, they would still seek shelter when they were sick, injured or in need of security. It is believed that this natural urge for dogs to find comfort in protected spaces is a lingering “denning” instinct.

Sleepy Fox® Fulfills your dog's sleeping needs.

Dogs have four main sleeping instincts:  they seek a protective cover for security and safety, they like to lean against something for support, and they want to fluff their sleeping place/mattress to the perfect shape.

The patented Snuggle Cave Bed by Sleepy Fox® fulfills all of these sleeping instincts with 1) a fluffy and cozy cave cover to give your dog privacy and security, 2) a unique air opening ensuring your dog gets fresh air at all times and keeps them safe, 3) structured side bolsters that support your dog and will not allow the bed to roll or tip over when they lean, and 4) a separate center mattress that allows your dog to shape their sleeping cushion to perfection.

Is the snuggle cave right for my cat?

You know your cat best. Do they like privacy? Do they like to sleep in covered or hidden places? If so, they are telling you that they want their own protected and private space.  So far, we haven't met a cat yet that did't absolutely love the Snuggle Cave Bed.

Superior to other cat caves, the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed is specifically designed to prevent rolling over or flipping whilst your cat is inside. The four side bolster cushions keep the bed's rectangular shape, with thanks to four individual channels, giving your cat something to lean against and you the peace of mind knowing that it won't flip or roll over. Other cat caves lack this anti-flip design and can be dangerous if used when your cat is home alone, as they can get stuck inside if the bed rolls over and their exit is blocked.

The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed goes the extra mile with the unique back air opening, which gives your cat two options for catching a breath of fresh air at all times, keeping them safe and comfortable. 

Thanks to the hidden support tube, the cave entrance stays open at all times, allowing your cat to go in and out as they please. 

Most cats we know are more than happy in a Small Snuggle Cave Bed. 

Is the snuggle cave right for my dog?

No one knows your dog better than you. Observe their sleep habits- do they like to snuggle under the covers, into pillows or behind things? Do they like to sleep under furniture? Do they like to curl up when they sleep? These are all sleeping habits that indicate your dog will love their own Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed.

It is also possible to tell by breed; for instance, terrier and hunting breeds (both big and small) are especially happy in covered spaces while sighthounds love the extra warmth of the cave.  

See if your dog's breed is one of the many breeds already snoozing in a Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed here.

Did you know that the word terrier means ‘to burrow’ in French?  That explains why terriers absolutely love the Snuggle Cave Bed!

Dogs tend to vary a little more in size than domestic cats, that's why the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed is available in three sizes- small, medium & large.

We have put together some more detailed information based on breed, weight and size here

Tall dogs, dogs who like to stretch out while they sleep, and dogs who are on the border between two weight recommendations might enjoy a size up.

Detailed measurements of all three sizes are available here.

Most dogs tend to jump right into their Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Bed as soon as it is out of the box. Isn’t it funny how dogs always seem to know when something is for them?

If your dog seems a bit hesitant or unsure of how to use their new cave bed, there are a few helpful tips you can follow:

Tuck the cave cover back to make space  – Sometimes your pup just has a hard time figuring out how much space is in the bed for them. If you tuck the back of the cave cover up and off the center mattress, this can give your dog a full view into the cave bed. This allows them to see that yes, indeed, there is enough space for them in the cave.  Once they are comfortable in their bed, you can un-tuck the cave cover so that it lies back down and snuggles your pup.

Hide treats - Place a few treats in the back of the bed and under the center cushion, this will give your dog a reason to enter the bed and to get familiar with the cover.

Give a comforting scent – Sometimes an animal is uncertain of something based on its new scent. You can either temporarily put one of your dog's older pillows or blankets into the bed so that they recognize their scent, and they will know the bed is for them. Or you could take out the new center mattress cushion, place it on a chair or sofa, and sit or lean on it yourself for awhile before putting it back into the cave bed. Having their owner’s scent on the pillow is very comforting for a pup.

We all know how cute it is to find our furry little friends snuggling under the covers. We usually can't resist taking a photo or two.  But did you ever stop to wonder why they like to hide and cover themselves?

Pre-domesticated dogs were maternal den animals. Meaning that the mother dogs would birth and wean their pups, for up to 3 months, in a protected and covered space. Although dogs did not live in dens year-round, they would still seek shelter when they were sick, injured or in need of security. It is believed that this natural urge for dogs to find comfort in protected spaces is a lingering “denning” instinct.

Additionally, smaller terrier breeds were breed to chase foxes, rabbits and other small animals in holes and tunnels. This burrowing instinct makes terriers, as well as other hunting breeds, intuitively seek out small, covered spaces to rest and sleep.

Accordingly, it is perfectly natural for your dog to choose to sleep in a cozy, comfy, protected space in your home.

When your dog burrows under the blankets, he is craving the comfort and security of his natural sleep environment. The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed provides the ultimate sleeping space for your dog.  It has a cushioned center mattress for extra comfort, soft and supportive sides to snuggle and support them, and a cozy and protective cover giving them the security they crave. Additionally, the air opening helps regulate their temperature and keep them safe. Our Snuggle Cave Bed is like your dog's natural sleep cave, only better. 

Does your dog like to sleep under the covers or lie under furniture? They are telling you they want a Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed.


Dogs will instinctually come out from under blankets when they don’t have enough air.  

However, because the safety of our pets is of the utmost importance, Sleepy Fox® is the only cave dog bed specially designed with a unique back air-opening to ensure that even when your dog is deep under the covers, they will always have fresh air.

Our patent protected Snuggle Cave bed fulfills every one of your dog’s comfort and sleep instincts. For more on a dog's natural sleeping instincts click here

Dogs love it!

The Snuggle Cave Bed has been specifically designed to lie down on the back of the bed to snuggle your pet like a blanket. Many dogs and cats like this feeling of being under a blanket, and they are usually the Snuggle Caves biggest fans.

However, we get it, sometimes you just want ta bit more space. If your pet is telling you that they want more space in the back, and you have tried tucking the cave cover behind to allow for a little more room inside as suggested above, we have received some pictures from customers who used a spare support tube in the back to create more of an open cave feeling for their pet. If you think this might be right for your pet, you can pick up an extra support tube here.

We recommend getting the same sized tube as the the one you have. For instance, if you have a large Snuggle Cave, use a large Support Tube in the back.

All you need to do is tuck the corners of the extra support tube into the rear corners of the cave between the cave top and the outside of the side bolsters. The tube will lift the rear of the cave cover off of the back of the bed, giving you more of an open space.

However, this is not a design feature of the Snuggle Cave, but a customer suggestion/life-hack. There is no fastening at the back of the cave to attach the tube permanently. Should your pet lie on the back of the bed with a tube in the back, this will most likely cause it to fall flat, meaning you'll have to readjust if your pet wants to get back inside with the cave cover lifted again.


Our Premium Quilted and Soft Touch lines are both filled with hypoallergenic, dust-resistant polyester as standard, that is super fluffy and supportive, giving your pet a heavenly snooze. These pillows are machine washable at 30°C.

We offer separate Orthopedic Mattress Inserts for pets who need a little extra support. These are filled with shredded memory foam, which, unlike standard solid foam pads, not only allows your pet to paw and shape their pillow to purrfection, but also allows for air flow through the pillow, keeping them temperate.

The Memory Foam Insert sizing corresponds to Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed sizing. For example, if you have a small Snuggle Cave Bed, you will need an Memory Foam Mattress Insert in size small.

Memory Foam Mattress Inserts are not suitable for washing in the machine or by hand, but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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About KONA CAVE® & Sleepy Fox®

KONA CAVE® is Sleepy Fox®'s big sister brand. KONA CAVE® was launched in 2016 by Kristen Geldermann, a former Ralph Lauren executive with a beloved Jack Russel named Kona. They moved from the big apple to Germany for love, but Kona was left out in the cold because he was no longer allowed to sleep in the people bed, under the covers as he had always done. With Kristen's heart breaking, she looked far and wide for a high-quality bed that fulfilled Kona's natural sleeping instincts, and one that was beautiful enough not to have to hide behind the sofa when guests came over for dinner. Alas, Kristen was stumped, the perfect bed was nowhere to be found. So she used her extensive luxury design experience to create and patent the original KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed, just for Kona. ❤️

Wanting to bring high-quality, beautiful design to all the world's pets, the brand Sleepy Fox® was launched in 2018. 

Both KONA CAVE® and Sleepy Fox® are proud to be ethically & sustainability produced in the EU. 

Both the Sleepy Fox® and KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed are made from the same patent protected design, uniquely developed to fulfill all your cat and dog's sleeping instincts. But there are several differences between the two: 

- The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed has a permanently attached cave top, creating the perfect den-like sleeping environment for cats and dogs who crave privacy and like to sleep under the covers, under furniture or under blankets. Whereas the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed has a zip-off cave top, with decorative vegan leather piping on all four corners, giving you two beds in one, with a full bolster bed underneath that is perfect for the warmer months. 

- Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Beds are available in a select combination of premium fabrics and colors, all with a supportive shredded foam filling. Bed covers are easily removable and machine washable. Washing of foam pillow fills is not recommended. KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Beds are available in a wide range of luxury designer fabric options in numerous colorways, with matching home and lifestyle accessories available. KONA CAVE® bed covers and pillow fills are hypoallergenic and dust-resistant, easily removable and fully machine washable.