How to choose the perfect Snuggle Cave Bed size for your dog?

No one knows your dog better than you. Observe their sleeping habits, do they like to snuggle under the covers, into pillows? Do they like to curl up when they sleep? Do they like to stretch out?

If they like to take up lots of room when they sleep, or they twist and turn and move around whilst dreaming the night away, you might want to size up. If your dog likes to sleep curled up, they should have plenty of room in the recommended size bed for their weight. Pay attention to the cave opening height measurement, as particularly tall dogs might like a larger size.

A general sizing guideline is:

If your dog is a typical small breed dog, then the small size Snuggle Cave Bed should suit well.

If your small breed dog is a bit big (tall or long), or a medium sized dog,  then we recommend the medium size Snuggle Cave Bed which is extremely roomy. 

If your dog is large or XL, then the large size cave will fit great.

If you still have questions, please email us, we are happy to help!

CHOOSE YOUR Snuggle Cave Bed by measurements:

Our Snuggle Cave Bed is more spacious and comfortable than other domed beds because our cave cover is attached to the outside bottom of the bed, allowing your pet to stretch out across the whole bed

DIMENSIONS of the snuggle cave Canopy

Which bed is right for my pet?

DIMENSIONS of the bed base and mattress

CHOOSE YOUR Snuggle Cave Bed by Dog Breed:

In addition to cats, the following dog breeds love the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed

Small Cave Bed

Best for cats & small dogs up to 8kg (18 lb)


Bichon Frise

Brussels Griffon

Chinese Crested

Dachshund (Mini)

French Bulldog (Small)

German Spitz (Small)


Italian Greyhound

Jack Russell Terrier (Small)

Japanese Spitz


Miniature Pinscher


Poodle (Toy, Mini)

Portuguese Podenco (Mini)


Terrier Family:

Australian, Boston, Brazilian, Cairn, Fox, Norfolk, West Highland, Rat (Mini), Yorkshire, etc.

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Medium Cave Bed

Best for dogs up to 18kg (40 lb)




Border Collie

Bull Dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Dachshund (Standard)

Danish Swedish Farmdog

French Bulldog (Standard)

German Spitz (Medium-Large)

Griffon (Small Breeds)


Miniature Bull Terrier

North American Shepherd

Parson Russell Terrier

Portuguese Podenco (Medium)

Rat Terrier (Standard)

Scottish Terrier

Shiba Inu


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Large Cave Bed

Best for dogs up to 40kg (88 lb)


Afghan Hound

Australian Shepard

Basset Hound


Bull Terrier (Standard)


Doberman Pinscher

Greyhound Family:

Hungarian,Saluki, Sloughi, Spanish, etc.

Griffon (Medium/Large Breeds)

Hounds (Large Breeds)


Pit Bull Terrier


Portuguese Podengo (Large)

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Standard Poodle


Water Dogs


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Choose your snuggle cave bed by size comparison:

still need more help?

Measure your pet's body length (from chest to bottom) and choose
the bed with the mattress measurements of at least 10cm longer than your dog’s body.
Or email us at, we're happy to help.

Sizing Tips

  • This size guide is for dogs that are average size for their breed
  • If your dog is longer, taller or heavier than average for their breed, or heavier than the max. recommended weight class for each size, we recommend sizing up
  • You know your dog best. How do they like to sleep? Do they like to curl up small or stretch out long? If they like to stretch out, we recommend sizing up
  • If you do not see your dog breed on this list, please reference a similar breed and size to determine which size bed will suit your dog best
  • If you are still unsure, see our FAQ page or contact us at We’re here to help.