Sleepy Fox® Burrow Bed Calms and Comforts Dogs and Cats with Anxiety, Separation Anxiety and Nervous Pets

4 Reasons Why This Snuggle Cave Bed is The Best Anti-anxiety Bed for Dogs and Cats

Europe’s best selling Snuggle Cave Pet Bed soothes and comforts nervous dogs and cats due to the following design elements. 

Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Beds are proven to help calm nervous pets and pets with anxiety, including separation anxiety, by nurturing and fulfilling their sleeping instincts.

Pets have four main sleeping needs: security, safety, support, shape; they seek a protective cover for security and safety, they want to be supported when they lean, and they like to form or paw their sleeping place to the perfect shape.

The patented Snuggle Cave Bed by Sleepy Fox® fulfills all of these sleeping instincts with

1) a fluffy and cozy cave cover to give your pet privacy and security – the hooded cave cover stays open in the front and lies down on the back of the beds to comfort your pet like a blanket. Great for dogs that like to burrow or get cold and want to be covered by a blanket,

2) a back air opening to keep your pet safe by ensuring fresh air and regulating the temperature inside of the cave,

3) structured side bolsters that support your pet while they lean and keep the bed from rolling or tipping over and

4) a separate center mattress that allows your pet to shape their sleeping cushion to the perfect form. Read more about pet instincts here:

The patented Snuggle Cave Bed is superior to and safer than other burrow beds. The unique design of the arched cave cover attached to a supportive rectangular base keeps the bed upright and prevents it from rolling or tipping over. While the dual-purpose cave cover provides covered security in the front and lies down at the back of the bed for a blanketed snuggle sensation. The beds are washable, meticulously designed in Germany and ethically made in Europe, with elegant fabrics and vegan leather accents.

The Snuggle Cave Bed looks beautiful in your home and complements your décor. Loved by both dogs and cats.

The superior sleeping benefits of the patented Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed, is available worldwide.