Jack Russell puppy sitting in a dog bed with an attached blanket in a living room

What is The Best and Safest Anti-anxiety Bed for Nervous Dogs and Cats?

The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed Helps Soothe and Calm Anxious and Nervous Pets

I’m sure you’ve been hearing and reading a lot about anxiety, stress and separation anxiety in dogs and cats lately.  The world has going through crazy times lately, and like all family members, our pets can feel the stress too.  
Pets have the amazing ability to soothe and calm us when we feel stressed.  As pet parents, we have the responsibility to make sure we are giving our pets comfort and security in return.

With the last years of staying at home and home office, our pets have grown accustomed to our being home with them at all times.  As much as we would love to do nothing but snuggle our cats and dogs all day long, life as we used to know it will eventually return.  We need to be sure we are giving our fur babies the security and comforting tools they need in order adjust to normal life. 

The patented and superior design of the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed soothes and comforts anxious pets by providing them their natural sleeping environment.

Why do pets seek a cave for protection? 

Pre-domesticated pets were maternal den animals. Meaning that the mothers would birth and wean their young, for up to 3 months, in a protected and covered space. Although dogs and cats did not live in dens year-round, they would still seek shelter when they were sick, injured or in need of security. It is believed that this natural desire for dogs and cats to find comfort in protected spaces, is a lingering “denning” instinct.

What are your pet’s sleeping instincts?

Pets have three main sleeping instincts: 1) they seek a protective cover for security and safety  2) they need something to lean against for support, and 3) they want to be able to form their sleeping mattress to the perfect shapeThe Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed fulfills all of these sleeping instincts while looking great in your home.
  • SECURITY - The Snuggle Cave cover provides your pet their ultimate sense of security and comfort. The cave cover stays open in the front, providing easy entry, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back, snuggling your pet like a blanket. 
  • SAFETY - The unique air opening in the rear of the bed keeps your pet safe by ensuring they have enough air while they are under the covers. It also helps to regulate the temperature inside of the cave, ensuring their comfort.
  • SUPPORT - Four individual, structured bolster cushions provide you pet with a soft yet supportive cushion on which to lean.
  • SHAPE - With a double-sided, extra-comfy center mattress, your pet can form and paw their pillow to the perfect shape every time.

How is the patented design of Sleepy Fox® superior to, and better than other cave/clam/burrow beds? 

Only Sleepy Fox® (and its big sister brand KONA CAVE®) have the unique and patented engineering of an arched cave cover attached to a supportive rectangular bolster bed along with a brilliant back-air opening. Unlike other cave beds that roll or tip over, the Snuggle Cave Bed is designed with structured side bolsters to support your pet when they lean, not allowing the bed to roll over.

The arched cave cover gives your pet the option of a protective open area in the front of the bed, or a covered area in the back of the bed that snuggles your pet like a blanket. Additionally, the innovative back air opening regulates the temperature inside the cave and ensures that fresh air is circulating at all times.

Giving your pet a Sleepy Fox® is a great way to show your fur baby that you care.