What are the benefits of the snuggle cave for my cat?


Sleeping Benefits for your cat:

  • The cave cover offers your cat the security and privacy they crave
  • The cave front is supported by a hidden (removable) flexible tube and stays open for your cat at all times
  • The rear of the cave top lies down on the back of the bed to snuggle your cat
  • Center mattress and cave top are lined with super-soft Sherpa fleece ideal for snuggling
  • The separate inner mattress allows your cat to paw and shape their sleeping cushion to purr-fection
  • The side bolsters support your cat’s instinct to lean and provides them with maximum security comfort. Unlike other cave beds, the Sleepy Fox® is designed to not be able to roll or flip over, keeping your cat safe
  • The innovative back air opening keeps your cat safe by providing fresh air and helps to regulate the temperature inside of the cave
  • Hypoallergenic pillow fills are dust and allergen resistant

Design Benefits:

  • Clean and modern design looks beautiful in your home
  • Bolster bed and cave cover are one piece. Cave cover is not removable from bed
  • Attractive vegan leather carrying handles make moving the bed easy
  • Four separate bolster channels and bolster pillows offer superior support while ensuring the bed keeps its shape and does not roll or flip
  • Double-sided mattress cushion lets you choose between soft, fluffy fleece or matching bed fabric while allowing your cat to shape the mattress to their preferred perfection
  • Cave top is permanently attached to bed cover; cave and bed are one piece
  • Bed covers are removable via interior zipper and machine washable
  • Zipper is placed on the inside of the bed cover to protect your floor from potential scratches
  • Ethically produced in Europe