Why Do Dogs Like to Sleep Under Blankets? Your Questions Answered by Sleepy Fox®

Why Do Dogs Like to Sleep Under Blankets? Your Questions Answered by Sleepy Fox®


Yes, pets will instinctually come out from under blankets when they don’t have enough air.  


Dogs are den animals by nature

We all know how cute it is to find our furry little friends snuggling under the covers. We usually can't resist taking a photo or two. But did you ever stop to wonder why they like to hide and cover themselves?

Pre-domesticated dogs were maternal den animals, meaning that the mother dogs would birth and wean their pups, for up to 3 months, in a protected and covered space. Although dogs did not live in dens year-round, they would still seek shelter when they were sick, injured or in need of security. It is believed that this natural urge for dogs to find comfort in protected spaces, is a lingering “denning” instinct.

Additionally, most small terrier breeds (developed in Great Britain and Ireland) were breed to chase foxes, rabbits and other small animals in holes and tunnels. This burrowing instinct makes terriers (among other breeds) intuitively seek out small, covered spaces to rest and sleep.

Accordingly, it is perfectly natural for your dog to choose to sleep in a cozy, comfy, protected space in your home. When your dog burrows under the blankets, they are craving the comfort and security of their natural sleep environment. 

What are your dog's sleeping instincts?

Dogs have three main sleeping instincts: 1) They seek a protective cover for security and safety  2) They like something to lean against for support, and 3) They want to be able to form their sleeping mattress to the perfect shape.

The Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed fulfills all of these sleeping instincts while looking great in your home.

  • SECURITY - The Snuggle Cave cover provides your dog their ultimate sense of security and comfort.  The cave cover stays open in the front, providing easy entry, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back, snuggling your dog like a blanket. 
  • SAFETY - The unique air opening in the rear of the bed ensures your dog has enough air while he is under the covers and regulates the temperature inside of the cave.
  • SUPPORT - Four individual, structured bolster cushions provide dogs with a soft yet supportive bolster to lean on.
  • SHAPE - With a double-sided, extra comfy center mattress, dogs can form their pillow to perfection every time. You can choose from soft Sherpa Fleece Fur on one side and matching bed fabric on the other.

The Snuggle Cave Bed is like your dog's natural sleeping cave, only better. 

If your dog like to sleep under the covers or lie under furniture, they are telling you they crave a patented Snuggle Cave Bed by Sleepy Fox®.