Persian cat sleeping inside a Snuggle Cat Cave Bed from Sleepy Fox®

Why Do Cats Like Sleeping in Caves?


Cats are notoriously independent, so much so that they might get a bad rep from dog lovers! As private creatures, they can be choosy about where they sleep, often disappearing for hours on end to a secluded spot to stock up on some much needed Zzzs.  

Did you know that cats sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day depending on their age? As natural predators, their instincts are to conserve energy for a time when they might need to hunt or to escape larger predators in the wild. But where do they go when they disappear...?

Do cats like to be covered when they sleep?

Cats, like many small animals, feel vulnerable when they are asleep. In the wild they will often seek out a place that is covered and out of sight of predators. Although safe from predators in a domestic setting, cats want a space away from common household disruptions such as small children and the vacuum cleaner. Being inside a cave or sheltered area in the wild shields them from being discovered by foe, and keeps them safe. Being out of sight in the home keeps away tiny probing hands and allows them to nap in peace.

The cave cover of the Snuggle Cave Bed is the purrfect solution to providing your cat with a safe, private and quiet place to retreat from noise and commotion. The soft snuggly canopy cover not only gives your cat the opportunity to hide out of sight, it also reduces noise and offers warmth. 

Do cats seek warmth when they sleep?

Have you ever noticed your cat returning to a peculiar spot on the floor in the middle of a room? Despite all that fur, just like humans, cats will often seek out a warm, cosy spot to rest. Nine times out of ten, that odd place they choose to return too in the middle of the room is actually a sign that they have discovered a warm place to sit that is directly above a hot water pipe. This urge to seek out warmth also leads many to take naps in small spaces under low furniture or blankets. 

Are cat caves safe?

Many cat caves aim to replicate the feelings of warmth and safety that cats crave. However, there have been cases of certain styles of cat igloos tipping over with the cat inside. Often made of felt and other hard materials, these cat caves can prove dangerous as cats gets stuck inside, with the one and only exit being blocked, potentially leaving cats stuck inside without access to fresh air for hours until someone comes home to the rescue.

Unlike these hard cat caves, the Sleepy Fox® Snuggle Cave Bed is uniquely designed to be safe, even when your cat is left unsupervised. It is unique in its stability, which is provided by the wide, rectangular bolster base. The soft cave top snuggles your cat like a blanket and is held open in the front at all times by a hidden, flexible support tube. Not only is this cat cave unflippable, especially once your cat is inside, but as an added precaution - the unique air opening in the back of the bed offers peace of mind to cat owners everywhere, and fresh air at all times to cats inside.

The Snuggle Cave by Sleepy Fox® will provide the ultimate sleeping spot for your feline while keeping them safe and cozy.